The Top Seven Signs-Of Really Missing You


  1. Forgetful-I don’t’ remember. Where did I put my dog? The continual key hunt. I can’t remember what mom looked like. I shake her bracelet to hear the charms jingle.
  2. Fear-Where are all the hidden papers that I stuffed away, so that my apartment would look tidy for visitors? Who organized my kitchen cabinets? I must have it too…
  3. Numbness-I’m surprised I don’t cry more.
  4. Unreality-Everything is blurry. Life is empty and hopeless.
  5. Depression-I am empty and hopeless. Numbness was good.
  6. Dents-In my couch from sitting. In my heart.
  7. Anger-Over texts from friends,“How R U?” Seriously, how could you…
  8. Cupcakes-Have become a food group.

Good Grief

cherry treeMy mother passed away five weeks ago after a long illness. Watching her keen mind diminish from dementia, I almost wanted it to end. Or so I thought. There is no dress rehearsal for grief. No trainer to pump up the misery muscle. No way to outsource heartache. Grief is something that I carry around with me. Like a credit card with my name etched deeply into .its flanks.

Living in the grocery ice cream aisle. And in Bloomingdales.

Harvard Business School Bake Sale?


Harvard  Business School is concerned about its future. I’m glad I”m not the only one.   So, the institution has embarked on a huge fundraising campaign.  The Dean gave an impassioned speech at a recent event to compel the crowd to give, give, give!  (Personally, I went for the hors d’oeuvres.)  The goal was a mere $1.0 billion to cultivate future global leaders.  In a matter of months, they’ve raised $770.0m.  I was going to plan a cupcake sale, but I guess that’s not necessary.

Welcome Back Wayward Writer!

Don't wake my Dog!
Don’t wake my Dog!

I’ve been gone for a while.  That’s because I have been writing my upcoming novel, “My Slip Was Pink.”  Thank goodness it was a cold winter.  That justifies my agoraphobia.  Generally, I find quaint, weird places outside of my apartment to write.  Due to the frigid temperatures, I curled up in my bed with my Mac Air, dog, and bag of Doritos.  Ugh!  So, now I need a support group for fellow writers who are blinded by the light of day.  And a weight loss clinic.  How did you spend the winter?  I would like to know.



Improving The State Of The World?


We need to bring back our girls.  After all, we are so advanced.  Look at the World Economic Forum in Africa.  So, many things under discussion.  It could make your head spin.  All important topics for future advancement:  Here are a few–

Digital Infrastructure, Global Economy, Agriculture and Food Security, Impact Investing, Human Capitol, Rethinking Personal Data, Hyper-connected World, Sustainability, Global Information Technology.

All against the backdrop of genocide.

So, let’s talk about the future of the human soul.  Has that advanced?


President Re-Branded

I saw President Bush on a TV show the other night.  He’s become a painter.  Little dogs and cats.  And on a great philanthropic mission. Which makes me wonder.  Can presidents be re-branded for posterity?  How would it affect us if we knew all of our actions were recorded, to be part of history?