Book Synopsis


cover600spanGemma Stein, never particularly wanted to visit Israel, but rather places with “great shoes.” Then, in one year, everything in her life unraveled.  She lost her job and everything that felt like home. A Harvard graduate who imagined she did all the ‘right’ things, felt profoundly empty. At the suggestion of her Aunt Ruth, Gemma traveled to Eastern Europe to walk the in the steps of her ancestors, witnessing the dark realities of the Holocaust. She wondered, “Was God on vacation?”

Suddenly, a mysterious voice inside her whispered. Travel to the Western Wall in Israel to write a message. Fold it up into tiny pieces, and slip it into one of the ancient stone crevices. Would there be a response? Eventually that voice wailed. She found herself at New York John F. Kennedy airport facing a sign blinking departure sign to Tel Aviv. Gemma joined a group of seniors from New Jersey, and continues the journey she starts in Eastern Europe. She wonders whether we are alone or connected to something greater?

 While this novel is not a memoir, it’s based my personal experiences. This story is based on many of my personal experiences. As I journeyed through Israel sitting on a bus wondering “What’s next,”I wrote the novel, “My Slip Was Pink”, to share my transformational experiences , and the belief that there is an undeniable loving presence in this chaotic world.  And as we slip into pink, anything is possible.

See the signs and get the message. Good luck with your journey



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