Jane-Ranzman_3532C-LinkedinJane Ranzman was always creative, starting when she colored the den floor of her childhood home with purple crayon.  A failed artist, proceeded to appear in television commercials, TV series, and plays, Jane spent her college years getting both a BA and an MBA from Harvard. “My Slip Was Pink,” her debut novel, is a semi-auto-biographical look at searching for purpose. A writer and marketing specialist, she’s the founder of Ranzman Marketing Consulting, a marketing strategy consultancy in New York City. Her ten plus years of business experience include senior marketing positions at several magazine groups, including the Billboard Music Group, American Baby Group, and Working Woman Magazine.Today, Ranzman Marketing Consulting clients include businesses in the profit and non-profit sectors. It was only after she was liberated from a recent role at a start-up that she realized that somehow she had “slipped.” Jane then set out on a quest to discover what she was meant to do. Along the way, she found herself driven by circumstances and experiences to recount her journey in the hopes of helping others find their own ways.

Jane is a member is the SAG-AFTRA New York Conservatory Writer’s Group and an active member of New York Writers Coalition. She rescued a Yorkshire terrier that has trained her well.


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