The Top Seven Signs-Of Really Missing You


  1. Forgetful-I don’t’ remember. Where did I put my dog? The continual key hunt. I can’t remember what mom looked like. I shake her bracelet to hear the charms jingle.
  2. Fear-Where are all the hidden papers that I stuffed away, so that my apartment would look tidy for visitors? Who organized my kitchen cabinets? I must have it too…
  3. Numbness-I’m surprised I don’t cry more.
  4. Unreality-Everything is blurry. Life is empty and hopeless.
  5. Depression-I am empty and hopeless. Numbness was good.
  6. Dents-In my couch from sitting. In my heart.
  7. Anger-Over texts from friends,“How R U?” Seriously, how could you…
  8. Cupcakes-Have become a food group.

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