Myers Briggs-January

 The counselor invites me to take a bunchof tests–including the Myers Briggs personality test.  It is apparently based on a Jungian concept that there are roughly 30 something types of personalities.  Actually, I think I’ve dated them all.  It’s  a  battery of questions revealing your “authentic self”–whether ou like  to pick up guys at parties or sulk alone in a corner…boss people at work or sit under your desk waiting for the cuts to be over hoping you won’t be noticed…It assesses whether you’re the kind of person who pays 30% interest on your credit cards like me and can’t keep a plant alive, but is dedicated to world peace.  Or if you need a list to keep track of your lists. 

I recall on question was “Do you enjoy planning in advance, or do what’s fun at the moment?”  Well, that was a tough one, Every dayplanner I’ve owned has remained empty despite my franetic activity.


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