New Years’ Message–An Abandoned Sign

It’s a new year and a new decade that will hopefully bring health, happiness, and prosperity.  Well, at least one of the above.  Some weeks have gone by and NYC has been in a deep freeze.  So have I.  But I feel that  spring is coming.  I walked down the steet and I saw an abandoned sign left for garbage.  It said, “Be your dreams…”  Hmmm, I thought to myself.  Maybe someone was selling a mattress or something, or one of those  learning seminars.  I wondered  if the universe talks?  So, I walked past the “sign.”

But then I walked back to it.  I looked at it in the face and I asked the scrawl,”Do you really have anything to way to me.”  I looked at the reverse side.  There was the same exact message was scribbled across accross the ragged board.

“Thanks,” I said for all freezing pedestrians to hear.  It was one of those artic cold and miserable days.  So, this is  MY new years message.  From an abandoned sign.


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