Internet STD

I’m on my computer checking my email.   I’m minding my own business .  In fact, I’m even thinking about starting my job search.  Suddenly, I see an email from a partner at a law firm who once referred me to a marketing executive at his company–one of the top ten law firms in the world. 

It says, “Pink Slip, why do you think I need Viagra?

“What?  Would you please clarify?”  I never even met this guy.  Then I look at the  email.

To my horror, an email has been sent in my name  to members of my address book, endorsing the use of Viagra.  I, Pink Slip,  am the new love goddess pushing the drug, not only for men, but for women too.  You would think they would at least send me some free samples!

I panic and call the partner, and due to some miracle, he picks up his line.

“Hi Pink Slip.”

“I’m so sorry.  I don’t know what to say!”  I feel like I’ve been compromised without having any fun.

“Listen.  It’s a clear case of identity fraud.  I’m not that familiar with it.  But it’s becoming more common.  Take care of it.”

“Ok.  Thanks.  I mean I’m so sorry….”

“Oh no…” I ponder.  ”  What next. I have internet clap.”


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