Pink Slip’s Charm Bracelet

“Handsome Jewish Blonde Husband” (Large white teeth!)

“White House in Suburb With Picket Fence (Without Room for MY Mother)

”Mother Who Calls Only Once A Day…Or Less” (The impossible dream)

“Size 6 Lilly Pulitzer Wardrobe”   (Let’s not forget the white sandals and beads.  )

“Chocolate Lab Who is Perfectly Paper trained.” (Muse for a perfect husband)

“Mother Who is Perfectly Paper Trained (and will not criticize new lime green wardrobe.)

“Blonde children who are biologically my own.   I am brunette.”   (Who of course are perfectly athletic)

“Unparallel cooking ability.”    (Specialize in game meats)

Cute boutique that sells expensive, but very small but objects that family and dog finds on world tours.

Facility to drink Grey Goose without slurring words and mistaking similar looking Aryan neighbor for husband.


One thought on “Pink Slip’s Charm Bracelet

  1. I have a thing for charm bracelets! They are a way to celebrate your history. My mother used to buy a charm and save it to celebrate milestones, as well as the exotic places she and my father would visit. I’ve collected many of my own over my lifetime. My very favorite is a tiny gold teddy bear with a spec of a ruby heart. You can hardly see it. I love the “jingle” of the all the charms” –a true kaleidoscope of a life’s escapades. It is a beautiful music. So, I do have a “charmed life after all! Pink Slip


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